Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dee Dee's Fly

Max- Pug/Weenie. Fawn.
Molly- littermate with Max
Max and Molly had a pup named Bandit.

Maggie - Black Pug sweetheart!
Then Max or Bandit or both if that is possible impregnated Maggie
Our family kept 3 in the litter.
D.D.- napping.
M&M - The brother. Looks like D.D. We rescued him back from a previous owner who could not handle him. He survived Parvo. Now he bites people.
Micha Olivier is their sister, fawn and bigger than DD!

They all moved from Louisiana to Texas about 2 years ago. Leaving DD alone in Louisiana. She hasn't seen her family in a long time. She is planning a trip to Texas to visit Maggie...

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